Pavilion Family Medicine

Preventative Medical Services

Heart disease, cancer and stroke are the most common causes of death in the United States, and more than one million people die each year as a direct result or indirectly by complications. Although they are sometimes linked to a family history of a disease, behavior also plays a key role in preventing these diseases. We believe that making healthy adjustments in our lives goes a long way toward disease prevention.


Your Pavilion Family Medicine Health Care Providers are here to offer you with age appropriate healthcare and screening recommendations to assist you with making decisions about improving or maintaining your health or the health of your family.

David Olson, MD is board certified in public health and preventive medicine. This specialized training, in addition to his medical training and years of experience, provides him with the knowledge to educate his patients about healthier lifestyles.

Shirley Olson, FNP provides a functional medicine approach. Working in partnership with a trained functional medicine provider, patients make dietary and activity changes that, when combined with nutrients targeted to specific functional needs, allow them to really be in charge of improving their own health and changing the outcome of disease. She may also prescribe drugs or botanical medicines or other nutraceuticals. She may suggest a detoxification protocol or a stress-management procedure.