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7 Ways to Curb Cravings and Crush Food Addiction

Article from Dr. Mark Hyman and Mindbodygreen .  Originally posted 07/21/15 on

You don’t have to succumb to food addiction. With these seven strategies, you can take control and regain your health and taste buds while reversing your risk of diabetes:

1. Balance Blood Sugar. Blood sugar swings drive cravings, so make sure to keep your blood sugar steady. If you eliminate sugar and artificial sweeteners 100 percent, your cravings will go away.

2. Go Cold Turkey. Target specific foods or drinks that create addiction — and eliminate them. A good place to start is with my book, The Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet.

3. Eat the Right Foods. To cut down on cravings, always include these three components at meals:

Good protein: fish, organic eggs, small amounts of lean poultry, nuts, whole soy foods, and legumes
Good fats: fish, extra virgin olive oil, unrefined coconut oil, olives, nuts (other than peanuts), seeds, and avocado
Good carbs: beans, vegetables, whole grains, and fruit to balance our blood sugar

4. Manage Stress. Chronic stress can trigger the hormones that activate cravings. If you notice you are having a craving, ask yourself two questions: “What am I feeling, and what do I need?” Then, see if there is something besides food that can fulfill that need. Adopt a daily stress management program that includes deep-breathing exercises, meditation, a calming CD and other relaxation techniques.

5. Target Food Allergies. Foods you are sensitive to, like dairy and gluten, can feed addiction. Eliminating these food allergies isn’t always easy. But after two to three days without, you’ll discover renewed energy and relief from those cravings.

6. Create an Exercise Plan. Among its many benefits, exercise also helps control your appetite. Some people may benefit from a 30-minute brisk walk. Others will want to add burst training, weight resistance, or other more rigorous exercises. Whatever it may be, find a program that works for you.

7. Get 8 Hours of Sleep. Not getting enough zzz’s drives sugar and carb cravings by messing with your appetite hormones. By sleeping eight hours every night, you’ll hit your “reset” button and help eliminate food addiction. Here are some smart sleep strategies that can help.


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