Pavilion Family Medicine

Your Family.  Our Team.  Good Health… and Savings for YOU!

We are your Montrose Home for Healthcare. From common colds to chronic illnesses, our health care providers are dedicated to building intimate, long-term family relationships one patient at a time.  In addition to your routine health maintenance, our health care providers are able to provide a full spectrum of services from head to toe.

As primary care providers we are often the first contact for patients in need. You can view our Medical Services page to learn more about all the health care services we provide. Our knowledge and training help us to provide comprehensive medical care, health maintenance and preventive services. Because we work closely with patients on many medical and personal issues, we are positioned to serve as patient advocates and provide direction with use of specialists, health services, and community resources.

Pavilion Family Medicine would like to improve access to health care for patients without insurance. Therefore we are offering a deeply discounted rate starting at $60 for new and established patients who are without insurance.
*New patient application must be approved prior to establishing care.

We are currently accepting New Patients and would be happy to serve your health care needs. Please feel free to Contact Us for more information on a medical consultation or to schedule an appointment.  If you are experiencing a medical emergency call 9-1-1.